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20231107 Madrid: Networking event: Building Community – Connecting Stakeholders

20231107 Madrid: Networking event: Créer une communauté – relier les parties prenantnes

20231107 Madrid: Networking Event: Gemeinschaft aufbauen – Stakeholders verbinden

20231111 Conference Accessible Tourism – more details

20230923 Workshop Accessible Events

1. AccessibleEU Beschreibung

20230923 Workshop Accessible Events

2. Lux. Gesetz zur Barrierefreiheit

20230923 Workshop Accessible Events

3. Erlierfnis Baggerweier Beschreibung

MajorHazards and People with Disabilities_fr

Major hazards and people with disabilities_en


Estudio ECA pdf ES acc compres

ECA 2013 – Serbian version

ECA_2013 Design for All in progress

ECA_2013 – Spanish version

ECA_2013 – Portuguese version

ECA_2013 – Lithuanian version

ECA_2013 – Italian version

ECA_2013 – German version

ECA_2013 – Catalan version

ECA 2017 – Serbian version

ECA 2017 – Italian version

ECA_2017- German version

ECA 2008 ECA for administrations

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